Welcome to the GS Contacts Web site!

If you worked for the Power Semiconductor Division (PSD) of General Instrument (GI) or General Semiconductor (GS, Gen Semi), and are interested in staying in touch with old friends and former colleagues, then you've come to the right place...

Here you will find: articles which will take you back in time, a comprehensive contact list to help you keep in touch with your long-lost peeps, a gallery of pictures from "back in the day", useful resources, "blast from the past" news, and the always-insightful Tom Stevens Corner.

We've also created a "GS Contacts" group on Facebook, and can be found tweeting on Twitter, so don't be a stranger!

Check back often, as we'll do our best to keep the site "fresh"...




What's New?


- INM Newsletter - April 2015

- GS Reunion 6

- General Semiconductor Reunion 5

- 2009 BCS/INM Participant Alpha Directory

- Nancy Rinck Tribute Video - 1998

- The Adventures of Jordy's Cart (PDF)

- Tom Stevens Corner





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